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Hello Nautel

Please enjoy this 'Rogue' Waves issue; a retrospective of the most popular topics from 2017 just in case you missed anything of interest.

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Building the Biggest and for a Billion

Top Article: Building the BIGGEST & Building for a BILLION

Whether building the BIGGEST or building for a BILLION, Nautel is ready to take on the world's largest digital radio deployments.

In July Nautel delivered five solid-state, DRM-enabled NX400 transmitters to Antenna Hungaria in Solt, Hungary. The 2,000 kW combiner shipped in August. This 2 Megawatt system (now on air) is the most powerful medium wave radio transmitter in Europe and one of the most powerful transmitters in the world! Read More >

Also in July, Nautel shipped six high-power DRM30 NX Series transmitters to All India Radio which expands the largest digital broadcasting system in the world to 33 sites. Read More >

Chromium free coating

Top Article: New Chromium-Free Coating Process

Starting January, 2018 all unpainted aluminum transmitter parts are going to look different. Due to a safer and more environmentally-friendly chromium-free coating process, parts will look silver instead of gold. The result is the same corrosion resistance you’ve come to expect but minimized environmental impact.

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Tips n Tricks by Jeff Welton

Top Tips 'n Tricks by Jeff Welton

In this popular column, Jeff's top Tips 'n Tricks article of 2017 was one where he gave a recap of his NAB highlights plus shared a customer's time-saving tip for easier VS transmitter rack installation.

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Digital Radio Showcase by Gary Liebisch

Top Digital Radio Showcase by Gary Liebisch

In this regular column Gary's top article of 2017 was one where he reviewed Nautel's digital radio highlights from NAB.

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Top Webinar: Easier and More Affordable HD Radio - See the new HD MultiCast+ Importer/Exporter, utilizing DTS’ GEN 4, in action, and learn about the new NVLT HD upgrade and our work in Single Frequency Networks (SFN) for HD Radio.

Top eBook: The Internet of Broadcast Things: A Practical Guide to Using and Securing IP - 'Best practices' are still evolving, so how should media professionals practice safe IP? We wondered what kind of questions need to be asked as radio contemplates what could be called the growing Internet of Broadcast Things.

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